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National Journal Of  Anti Cyber Crime Research & Studies


National Journal of Anti Cyber Crime Research Studies Focuses on publishing research papers and articles which highlights on varies aspects of cyber security, cyber crimes, emerging technologies and awareness. Publications are accepted and processed on trimonthly basis. 

December 2020 Publications

Measuring Cyber Impact using Open CV

Satendra Kushwah

Hashcat for Forensics 

Rahul Parmar

Network Forensics 

Sumedha Kulkarni

Forensics on Hacked Website

Ellakkia R

Reverse Engineering and VA Analysis

Haisav Chokshi

Detailed Packet Analysis via Wireshark 

Ellakkia R 

Detection of Deep Fakes

Arbind Mishra

Tactics for Telegram OSINT

Arjun Suresh

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Note-  We are NOT a government body or a national security body. We are an NGO that only aims at spreading cyber crime awareness among society.