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Do you have a Wifi Symbol on your ATM Cards?? If so, be alert of these scams.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

RFID - attacks:

Nowadays the attackers are trying to steal the information of our bank details like ATM card data by using advanced technologies like RFID( Radio Frequency Identification) by using this software or tool attackers are seizing our ATM card details.

If we notice the latest updated ATM cards, they have the WIFI symbol on the right side of the ATM.

You  can see both ATM cards right? Did you find any difference between the two cards?

we notice that the Normal ATm card has no WIFI symbol, it is the old version of the ATM card. And if you see the other card, you find the WIFI symbol on the right side of the ATM, this is the latest updated ATM card.

Why did the Indian government updated the ATM cards? When we go to malls or anywhere else, we use our ATM cards mostly to swipe and purchase. But the process of billing takes a lot of time like we have to enter the PIN and then amount, it takes so much of time to do so. That's why the ATM cards have been updated and got the WIFI symbol, which is one of its reasons.

Now, what is the use of this WIFI symbol on the ATM cards? When we proceed for the payment transactions in the malls, hotels.etc... then the machine directly ask for the amount to be reimbursed and it doesn't ask for the Pin to enter. And it saves a lot of time, the other advantage of this card. Hence, the transaction completes effortlessly within seconds.

These cards functions by the RFID technology, a method of data collection that involves automatically identifying  objects through low power radio waves. When we insert the ATM card in the magnetic stripe card reader ( swiping machine) then the machine catches the frequency of the WIFI symbol card and automatically generates the PIN, this is the technology used in the WIFI symboled cards.

Disadvantage of WIFI symbol ATM cards : 

Hackers have developed the tool or the software to detect the WIFI symbol card frequency and they are stealing the card details.

Within a range of 50 meters, the person who is carrying the WIFI symbol card details can be stolen by the hackers.

So many  cases are registered in the Hyderabad city on this  specific issue,WIFI symbol ATM cards.  Hyderabad police said that the people who are having this WIFI symbol ATM card should go to the bank and fix it.

With RFID tools, we can even catch the frequency of any car and can unlock it. Anything and everything can be unlocked  by using this RFID software  it will catch the frequency between 2 devices. These are the ways how hackers can steal information.

If we use the WIFI symbol ATM card in the public without protection. Then the precautions are to be taken care of-

Precautions to be taken by the people who are using the WIFI symbol card :

  1. Change the Pin of your ATM frequently.

  2. Use the Anti-RFID wallet ( Minimalist Slim metal Wallet, Rfid Credit Card Holder Aluminum Alloy Wallet) 

  3. Check your bank balance wherever you are going out and when you come back. You must and should check your bank balance as frequently as you can.

These things should always be remembered if you are a user of the ATM cards.

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