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What is juice jacking?

Juice Jacking Attack, also known as Public Charging Port Attack is executed by hacker's or the attacker's to steal the information from the victim's device. When your phone is connected to the USB cable in the public charging port this attack comes into the action.

Hackers use the advantage of public charging ports and steal your DATA from your phone. They install Malware in your device when you keep your device for charging in the public charging ports.

How do attackers steal our data:

  • When we put our device on charging in the public charging ports the hackers or attackers use the software or tools and they place it inside the charging port. We think that it is a regular charging port. But the charging port is the 3rd person's device from where they can have access to our data.

  • When we connect USB to our phone, we get a notification, asking to transfer the data or to charge our phone. When you click on the transfer the data then the entire phone's data will go to the hacker and he will install the malware or spyware in your phone.

  • When he installs malware or spyware then he can have control on your phone from everywhere and anywhere in the world.

  • Never ever use the public charging ports for charging purposes. When you keep it, we don't know what's gonna happen in our phone and the entire phone will be controlled by the hacker.

  • Juice jacking is also known as MITM [man in the middle] attack.

  • The software or tools which are used by the hackers are highly advanced ones they can enter into your bank account when they need and they can hack entire phone details from you and they may sell them in the DARK WEB for money purposes.

  • So many cases are registered regarding juice jacking. People think that this is a normal public charging port, yeah it is a normal public charging port but when you open and see the connections, then you will be stunned.

  • See the image of the phone. It means that when we keep our phone connected to the port, then the phone gets charged and also our data gets transferred to the attacker simultaneously.

  • We think our phone is getting charged but we actually don't know what is happening behind it.

Precautions should be taken by the people when you are going out home:

  • Never ever use a public charging port.

  • If you are to use the public charging port at unavoidable circumstances then please switch off your phones and only then connect to the port.

  • Use power banks wherever you go. If you want you can charge the power bank in the public charging port.

  • If you are using a public charging port then disable your data transfer option on your phone.

  • After removing your phone from the public charging port please go to settings and check whether any malicious apps or APK apps are installed in your phone. Because hackers will install the APK or malware files in your phone by which they can again hack your phone if they wish.

  • Try to avoid Public Charging Ports and try to use Power Banks.

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