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Our Associations

The Cyber Agents collaborates with Anti Cyber Crime Society and both together form a strong pillar for cybersecurity. Together we work on creating cybercrime awareness among the society and help citizens to become aware of frauds in the digital world.

BeFojji Opsec collaborates with Anti Cyber Crime Society as project community partners. BeFojji is connected with Anti Cyber Crime Society via our Anti Phishing Portal. BeFojji is an ambitious organization willing to work in the direction of Indian Defence Service Awareness & Social Events. This association enables us to work together with an aim of shutting down fake phishing websites and preventing further frauds.

Anti Cyber Crime Society collaborates with Virtual Cyber Labs as training and community partners. We aim to create cyber warriors thus, our very affordable prices help most of them to fulfil their dreams of mastering computer security. Virtual Cyber Labs is funded by tech giants such as IBM, Amazon AWS, Cyber Peace Foundation etc.

Infocious Infotech Pvt Ltd collaborates with Anti Cyber Crime Society as a corporate partner. Infocious provides one of the best digital business solution and VAPT security solutions for the industry. This association helps both the bodies to conduct security assessments in the corporate industry with better effectiveness and impact.

Crime Free Bharat is a National Police Mission initiated by Hon. Maithili Gupta - Former DGP of Police Reforms of MP. It aims on a mission for Crime Free India by developing solutions and creating awareness among the netizens. Anti Cyber Crime Society is collaborated with CFB to work to together for the aim of "Crime Free Society"

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Note-  We are NOT a government body or a national security body. We are an NGO that only aims at spreading cyber crime awareness among society.