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There is a quick increment in phishing frauds during recent times. So as to make a little advance and help the general public to be protected and forestall phishing - Our Anti Phishing Portal is committed to bringing the phishing websites down and making awareness among others. Click the button below to report phising link at our portal.


This portal is only dedicated for phishing scams – i.e. fake websites which in a way are making some loss and stealing credentials and personal information. This portal is not responsible for the financial losses that may have occurred via phishing. It means if any victim has lost some money via Phishing then this portal is not responsible for tracking the money. If you have any kind of fake, malicious, Phishing website then you may report that site on this portal and our team will try its best to take the site down. We DO NOT perform any type of illegal or unethical activity on phishing links such as DoS attacks, we report the site ethically and try to shut it to prevent further spam.

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Note-  We are NOT a government body or a national security body. We are an NGO that only aims at spreading cyber crime awareness among society.